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Reactive Programming in Kotlinis an extensive book written by Rivu Chakraborty, an experienced Android developer and Kotlin enthusiast. This book has been created to provide you with a step by step system for learning Reactive Programming with Kotlin. We cover every aspect of Reactive Programming and its implementation in Kotlin and RxKotlin. We have also included the latest information to introduce you to Spring framework 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.0.

You can do cloning either by clicking the button “Clone in Desktop” on GitHub or by running git clone in the Command window. To summarize, we have three Java classes located in the working directory gitIntro, and the history of modifications and commits is stored in the directory .git. I’d like to remind you that all the work we’ve done so far was saved only in the local code repository.

You’ll also learn to use Spring Security to beef up security of your application before testing it with the JUnit framework and then deploying it on a cloud platform like AWS. Functional KotlinFunctional Kotlin by Mario Arias and Rivu Chakraborty. Kotlin supports many of the popular and advanced technical and useful features of functional languages. Functional programming makes your applications faster, improves performance, and increases your productivity.

In this chapter we’ll use JavaFX again, but this time you’ll be drawing and animating shapes. Some other popular networking protocols are TCP/IP, FTP, WebSocket. In this chapter you’ll learn how to write Java programs that can connect to remote servers and download data using HTTP protocol. In this project you’ll write a program that can keep the history of the game scores in a file by using Java serialization. This program should be able to deserialize and sort the saved scores showing the highest scores on top.

6. Project: Adding Events Handling For Calculator

The book covers the A-Z of functional programming in Kotlin, as well as, an in-depth look at the Arrow library for Functional Programming in Kotlin. It also includes building an application with Kotlin Native. java книги It shows how to leverage features of Kotlin in the respective technologies. This book is for developers who already know Kotlin and want to build something using Kotlin for Web/Android/Desktop/Native.

Each chapter has practice exercises at the end for you to assess your learning. By the end of the book, you will be fully equipped to develop Android applications with Spring technologies. Building Applications with Spring 5 and KotlinIn this book, you will begin with an introduction to Spring and its setup with Kotlin. You will then dive into assessing the design considerations of your application. You’ll then learn how to integrate Spring Data and Spring Cloud to manage configurations for database interaction and cloud deployment.

This is the eleventh edition, and it has been updated for Java SE 11 (JDK 11). As a result, this edition of the book contains a substantial amount of new material, updates, and changes. Of special interest are the discussions of two key features that have been added to Java since the previous edition of this book. The first is local variable type inference because it streamlines some types of local variable declarations. To support local variable type inference, the context-sensitive, reserved type name var has been added to the language.

Selecting Yes will open one of the IDEA projects (e.g. Chapter7). You’ll also see a warning about unregistered VCS root, which you can ignore, as you won’t be directly pushing any code changes into my GitHub repository. Say Peter joins the existing project and Joe and Mary want him to get the latest code installed. Peter will also use Git and GitHub, so he needs to install Git on his computer, but Peter doen’t have to create a new folder and run the git init command there.

  • In this chapter I’ll explain the basics of GUI programming with JavaFX.
  • This is a main idea of any object-oriented programming language – the classes and objects are the first-class citizens.
  • You’ll learn how to create GUI containers and arrange GUI components inside them.
  • In the next chapter you’ll learn how to write code that reacts on user’s actions (a.k.a. events) like a click of a button or a mouse move.
  • When the method start is invoked, it’ll receive a reference to the Stage object – this is where your GUI components will live and perform.

Note the first statement indicates that I work with the code branch called master. I’ll explain how and why you may need to create separate code branches a bit later, but for now I have no other branches.

and added coverage on applying Reactive Programming to Android with Kotlin. Programmer’s Guide to Kotlinis a book by Mike James for introducing Kotlin to programmers. The book helps you understand the Kotlin language in-depth so you can easily go on to create better, more robust programs. Since this book was first published in 1996, it has gone through several editions, each reflecting the ongoing evolution of Java.

The untracked files are displayed in red, which means that they are either new to Git or have been modified after the last commit to the repository. The changes made to the untracked files are not stored in the Git database. This class has methods to generate random numbers of different types. Invoking the method nextInt generates a random integer number in the range between zero and the value of the method argument. I decided to use the value of BALL_MOVEMENT_INCREMENT as a top limit.

The second key new Java feature is the reworking of the version number to reflect what is expected to be a faster release cycle, which started with JDK 10. As explained in Chapter 1, Java feature releases are now anticipated to take place every six months. This is important because it is now possible for new features to be added to Java at a more rapid pace than in the past. The field with the name of the project directory will be populated automatically, but you can change it if you want. Press the button Clone and IDEA will clone all the projects into the specified directory and will ask you if you want to open a project.

In addition to this, you’ll get a clear understanding of how the data structures in Kotlin’s collection framework work internally. By the end of this book, you will be able to apply the theory of data structures and algorithms to work out real-world problems. You will work with various modules, such as Spring AOP, Dependency Injection, and Inversion of Control, to develop applications with better dependency management. You’ll also explore other modules of the Spring Framework, such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Security.

Git has a clone command that can take the existing code from a shared repository and create its copy on Peter’s computer. The clone command java книги downloads the latest project’s code including the entire Git database with all of the history of changes made by Joe and Mary in the past.

Kotlin For Enterprise Applications Using Java Ee

This random number will be used as an increment for the y-coordinate of the moving ball. In chapters 6, 7, and 10 you’ve learned how to create simple GUI with JavaFX using such components as buttons, labels and text fields.

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