The indicator will mark key ratios such as 61.8%, 50.0% and 38.2% on the chart. The total outcome from this simple Fibonacci Retracement strategy implemented on the chart above could have made profit equal to 309 pips. And so when you get a confluence of Support and Resistance around these levels, then there is a high likelihood of prices holding there. For example, if you had retracement levels of .382, .500, and .618, then you would not want the .618 level to fail.

In the case of a down move, double click from the swing high and drag to the swing low . From there you will see the grid of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% levels on the chart. These represent levels where price might find resistance – in other words where price might FXTM Forex Broker Review bounce and reverse lower. Of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Now that we covered the Fibonacci retracement levels from 0% to 100%, we will look at what happens when there are Fibonacci retracements that go beyond the 0% .

Use the fibonaci drawing tool on the MT4 trading platform and draw the retracement levels using the “bottom” and the “peak” of the price chart and wait for price to go down to the 61.8% level. A Fibonacci retracement forecast is created by taking two extreme points on a chart and dividing the vertical distance by important Fibonacci ratios. 0% is considered to be the start of the retracement, while 100% is a complete reversal to the original price before the move.

Step #2  In A Down Trend, Wait For Price Action To Consolidate And Head Back To The Upside

As price retraces against the overall trend and comes into a Fib level, see if there are any other technical tools that confirm an entry. Fibonacci expansion is drawn from the bottom of the trend to the top You can see Fibonacci extensions at work on the chart above. After price makes a retracement and shoots out of the 0 level, it heads straight for the 100 level.

fibonacci forex

You may also use Fibonacci extension levels to project future price levels. You’ll find the Fibonacci extensions on the MT4 with the name “expansions” where you found the retracement. This will allow you to make perfectly straight parallel lines on the support and resistance points on the uptrend or downtrend. Check out the “What Goes on at Support and Resistance” areas if you have no prior knowledge as to what this is.

My Trader’s Trick

At a quick glance, you can see that the 61.8 level may be trying to tell us something. So let’s draw a horizontal level over the 61.8 Fibonacci retracement level and find out. While Fibonacci retracement levels have their place, they should never be used alone.

We may receive financial compensation from these third parties. Notwithstanding any such relationship, no responsibility is accepted for the conduct of any third party nor the content or functionality of their websites or applications. A hyperlink to or positive reference to or review of a broker or exchange should not be understood to be an endorsement of that broker or exchange’s products or services. The Fibonacci sequence is so important to this discussion because we need those numbers to get our Fibonacci ratios. Without the Fibonacci sequence, the Fibonacci ratios wouldn’t exist.


Their use in trading is rationalized based on empirical evidence and partial blind faith in the ratios themselves. Traders believe that continuation patterns can be measured and evaluated through Fibonacci numbers, and so countertraders can use them to set target prices. The trader decides to drag his Fibonacci tool from the high point of the impulse to the low point. After this, he notices a pullback in price to the golden ratio number of 61.8%, and he decides to sell the stock/commodity there. As the price previously went down significantly, there was a high probability that the price would further move to the downside. In this scenario, the Fibonacci retracement levels helped the trader decide where his entry order should be for the possible trend continuation trade.

Experiment with Fibonacci retracement levels across different markets and time frames to find what works best for your Forex trading strategy. There are quite a few different strategies that Fibonacci retracements can be used for. If the retracement has shown itself to be active in indicating resistance or support levels, then traders can deploy a breakout strategy. It’s important to know that Fibonacci retracement levels aren’t like moving averages, which change over time.

Ready To Get Serious With Your Trading?

Sure enough, two months later the market has rallied back to the 1.005 confluent resistance area and formed a bearish pin bar in the process. He started off blowing up 7 (or more.. lost count) accounts amounting to more than 500k, tested over 30 Expert Advisors to no success and spent over 10k on stupid useless courses. Supplementary methods are like nice add-ons you can have to improve the probability of your trading. They mainly revolve around improving your entries, your stop loss, and your take profit placements.

  • Tools derived from the Fibonacci number sequence are among the most effective in the field of Forex technical analysis.
  • The tool can be used across many different asset classes, such as foreign exchange, shares, commodities and indices.
  • Be sure to practice with them and test them out in a demo account before incorporating them into your trading plan or using real capital.
  • By now you should be wondering if using Fibonacci numbers give you any kind of edge in the forex markets.

Although not a true Fibonacci number, the 50% level is by far my favorite. Over the years I have found that the markets are most likely to react at this level. What this results in is you increase your odds tremendously on getting into profitable trade setups. One important thing we can do to find clearer market structures to do our Fibonacci analysis is to adjust the time frames so that the market structure is clearer. What might look messy on an M30 chart might look very clear on an H4 chart. Before becoming our head analyst, Skerdian served as a trader and market analyst in Saxo Bank’s local branch, Aksioner.

Your stop loss can vary based on what your charts are showing you. This process should not take very long, as our trend should continue upwards because of the previous support level with the trend line. In the example, we will be using today this will be an uptrend.

Fibonacci Retracements Strategy For The Forex Trading

You will note that this levels are shown above the price , giving an indication of the profit taking areas. From the example used, working on expansion 100, a healthy profit would have been generated. Good advice would be to practice your strategies and hone your skills in this area.

Your charting software will most likely do all the work for you. If not, you can find Fibonacci calculators online that can calculate those Fibonacci retracement levels for you. Our aim in using this indicator is identifying levels where the price may rebound.

When the price pulls back into my possible trade zone, I just wait for the slowdown. If the slowdown happens, and the price moves back in the trending direction, I have a trade. No need for cluttering up the chart with levels which likely won’t give me any more information than I already have. Out of the thousands of price waves that occur in various markets each day, some are bound to reverse at one of these levels, or close to it, simply by chance. Many price waves are also bound to reverse between the levels, disregarding the levels altogether.

After a significant movement in price the new support and resistance levels are often at these lines. Fibonacci levels are mainly used to identify support and resistance levels. When a security is trending up or down, it usually pulls back slightly before continuing the trend. Often, it will retrace to a key Fibonacci retracement level such as 38.2% or 61.8%. These levels provide signals for traders to enter new positions in the direction of the original trend. In an uptrend, you might go long on a retracement down to a key support level.

fibonacci forex

In this section we’ll discuss the use of the Fibonacci extension levels for the determination of trade direction while scalping trending markets. Scalping in trends can be difficult, because of the size of the sudden fluctuations, and the lack of clarity with respect to the eventual destination of the price. The Fibonacci extension levels are very trader useful in analyzing trends in all cases, and scalping is no exception to the rule. When price moves in a financial market from Point A to Point B, it rarely moves in a straight line. One of the primary aims of technical traders is to identify how far these waves will retrace, and one of the most popular tools to do this is the Fibonnaci Sequence.

In a SELL-In order to make your entry, you will wait for the price to close below either the 38.2% or 50% line. In a BUY-In order to make your entry, you will wait for the price to close above either the 38.2% or 50% line. And the 38.2, 50, 61.8 lines have all been proven to be the best retracement lines to use with the Fibonacci. The price retraced all the way back and tested the 38.2 mark for quite a while before hitting the trend line and continuing to go to the upside. And we do not want any of that to happen to you, so let’s check out the criteria to enter to help us make a safe entry.

Add long-term Fibonacci grids to favorite currency pairs and watch price action near popular retracement levels. Add shorter term grids as part of daily trade preparation, using alignments to find the best prices to enter and exit positions. Add other technical indicators and look for convergence with retracement levels, raising odds that prices will reverse in profitable investment for beginners counter swings. The 161.8% and 200% Fibonacci extension levels are, more often than not, key areas of price action reversal. Knowing this, we can devise option trading strategies that take advantage of these high probability areas. Use with credit spreads, debit spreads, 3 legged box options, averaging up or down, in fact, even with futures and forex trading.

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