Writing the songs for an album can happen in many different ways.

Some songwriters set out to say something intentional with an album. Then they write the songs with that in mind.

I’ve heard of artists who only write songs when they’re planning to do an album.

As for me, when I notice a topical pattern in the types of songs I’m writing, I realize something. “Oh, I guess I’m going to make an album with this batch of songs.”

However you go about it, the main question to ask yourself is “Do these songs belong together?”

The point of creating an album is about more than just making great songs. It’s about what they say as a whole, thematically and musically best awp skins.

As for how many songs, albums usually have 10–13 songs.

But many albums have 9 songs (like Let It Bleed by the Rolling Stones). While others have 20 or more (see Sufjan Stevens’s albums).

Once you’ve got your songs, it’s time to make a plan…

Make a Plan
To successfully create and release an album, you need a plan. You can’t just start the project and expect things to work themselves out.

So here are the essential parts of a good album creation plan…

Figure Out Your Budget
You don’t want to reach the end of one stage only to realize you don’t have the money for the next.

So even before you start recording, figure out your budget based on how many songs will be on the album.

When making your budget, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you going to hire musicians or play all the parts yourself?
Do you want a producer or will you produce it yourself?
Will you be mixing the songs, or will you hire someone else?
Who will do the mastering? Would you rather use an automated mastering service?
Are you going to hire an artist to create the album artwork or make it yourself?
How much will distribution cost?
Do you plan to spend money on promotion? If so, how much?
I hope you see why making a budget is important. You need to calculate how much money the album will cost before you even start.

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